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Women in the Wild

By Sopia Luka, environmental educator in Kenya.

It was a day to remember!

We live in the Maasai Mara but we have never experience these things? Everyone is having these phrase in the mind. The trip has started by the word of prayer by one woman. The welcoming smile of the Scouts in the Gate, as they open the Gate for us. “What a great opportunity these ladies got” A

ranger whispered to the other near the Vehicle window where I am.

The First animal to welcome us are a group of Impala dominated by the Dominant Male. The women were amazed when I told them that Impalas are like Maasai Men, One Male Impala can hold many females. Impalas are polygamous. Until defeated by another upcoming male from the Bachelors group.

A few meters a head, a tower of Giraffes, near the road. They learned that the Giraffe species in Maasai Mara is called Maasai Giraffe. They remember this because It resemble the Giraffe carving they sell to Visitors in the Village.

Next in the List are the Common Zebras, where everyone in the vehicle like the Zebras stripes. One woman asked where zebras come close to village in the night? They take refuge near villages. Where people will chased away the predators that come to attacked their Cattle, so they Zebras take advantage of that.

We all in the Trip, didn’t expect this. Driving near the Elephant shocked one women until crawled in the Car. For seeing the Elephant flapping the ears toward us in the Car. She is thinking that where will I hide myself if this Elephant attacked us. She told lets not drive near the Elephants again. What a laughter session in the car for all of us.

Driving across huge plains, We come across Cheetah, laying down at the grass a little distance from the Road. I started explaining the different between the Cheetah and the Leopard. Which was a bit harder to explained in the native language Maa. They are amazed by the fact that Cheetah is the fastest Animal on earth with a speed of 112 kms per hour.

Lucky day it was, rarest of the Big Five, the Leopard called Jilime, walk near the Game spotting vehicles. A Leopard walking!. instead of climbing trees as we had that it normally climb during the day. But today lucky enough we witness walking at a broad day light. What great this land of Maasai Mara. Lets conserve it one woman shouted to all other.

"Lets conserve it one woman shouted to all other."

Picnic break, where we had some snacks before we continued our trip in the Maasai Mara. We had a short session to identify animals we have spotted and create awareness of Climate Change and how we can spread our Conservation messages to others.

A Lion close to the door make one woman freeze, untill she cannot take a photo on her phone by thinking the Lion might jump over us in the Vehicle.

I proposed planning a trip like this in special days like World Women day. But today Maasai Men saidthey also their day be impact-able like this women day. When can us men get a trip like these. Maasai old men complaining to us today.

Women selling beads in the gate ran to their luck, surprising get that the tourist today is my fellow Gate woman, what opportunity was that.

Thanks giving speeches from two women after we had Lunch.

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