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Our partners 

The amazing organisations we are working alongside

 We believe that the future of our planet relies on a collaborative approach and we are extremely excited to be working on projects with our partners, leaders in the fields of conservation and community. 

Koru camp

Bringing the wilderness to the community


Nestled between Balule and Klaserie Reserves in the Greater Kruger area of South Africa, Koru Camp was set up by Peter Eastwood of the Tanglewood Foundation, in a bid to provide a wilderness area solely for the local community. A community that has been largely excluded from the private reserves and the Kruger National Park on their doorstep, Koru Camp will give them a chance to be immersed in nature whilst learning the wonders of this stunning ecosystem and the importance of protecting it.

We will be funding several camps throughout the year, for different organisations to stay at Koru Camp and build a connection to nature that will last a lifetime. 

Nourish Eco Village

Community conservation in South Africa


Nourish Eco Village is an incredible charity based on the edge of the famous Kruger National Park in South Africa. Their goal is to build resilient communities that are connected to the natural world around them; through integrated, holistic and sustainable projects. In doing so, they are helping to tackle the scourge of wildlife poaching by helping communities to see the benefits of protecting the environment. 

We will be supporting their environmental education programme by partnering their local schools with schools in the UK; as well as fundraising to support their incredible work - thus improving the lives of children both here and in South Africa, and building the next generation of young conservationists.


Imire rhino and wildlife conservancy

The location of our Wild Minds programme

Set in the heart of Zimbabwe, Imire is a world class conservancy that keeps community and conservation at the heart of what they do. 

In 2023 Imire will be the location for our Wild Minds programme that will take young Londoners whose lives have been impacted as a result of knife crime, out to Africa to support the work that Imire does, whilst changing the lives of the yong people involved. 


Semadep Foundation 

Supporting the Maasai community in Kenya

The Semadep Foundation was set up with a mission to enable the Maasai community to acquire the necessary skills to manage their own development. Since forming, Semadep have set up a school, a clinic, and an eco camp for tourists.

We are working with Semadep to provide conservation and wildlife experiences for the children of Semadep school, so that they grow up feeling connected to the stunning wildlife of the great Maasai Mara reserve. 

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Nambiti game reserve

A stunning game reserve in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Nambiti is a game reserve situated in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. It is home to a magnificent array of wildlife; some of which are critically endangered. They have a dedicated team of conservationists, including their Anti-Poaching Unit, who put their lives on the line to protect the reserves flora and fauna.

We will be supporting their conservation work; in particular, their Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) with several fundraising events throughout the year. In return, they will be teaching us about what it is like on the frontline of conservation in Africa.

Helping Hand Environmental supply the litter pickers to ensure our plogging clubs are equipped. They have supplied us with hundreds of litter pickers, which have enabled many children to go out and safely litter pick on a weekly basis, resulting in huge amounts of rubbish being cleared from the streets. 

They have also made extremely kind donations towards our projects, even helping us to take litter pickers on a project to Kenya. 

Helping Hand environmental

The UK's leading supplier of litter pickers.

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