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Ubuntu, or Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu in isiZulu, is an African philosophy which describes humanity; 'I am because we are'. To live with Ubuntu is to be aware of the intricate inter-connectedness between ones self, all other people, nature and life and to act in a way that looks after all. 

The Ubuntu Programme provides opportunities for people to build connections across the globe as well as connections to our planet, that will, we hope, last a lifetime. These connections are vital if we are to create a planet where all life on earth can thrive.


The Ubuntu programme was set up as a platform to connect children on the other side of the planet, with the principles of Ubuntu at the heart of the programme. Through our partners on the ground across Africa, we partner schools in the UK with schools on the edge of wildlife areas in Africa, helping to forge friendships that otherwise wouldn't be possible. It is also a chance for the UK school to fundraise for their African partners to visit their local Wildlife Reserve and connect with the wildlife there.  Our partnership programmes are set up for two way learning and are a great platform to;



Make friendships across the globe.

 Share cultures, languages, songs and stories.   

Share information on local wildlife and ecosystems.
Share pictures and videos of school life.
Friendly competitions between schools.

Fundraising by the UK school to fund wildlife trips for their African partners.


Nourish Eco Village, South Africa partnered with St Mary's School, Twickenham

St Mary's School, Twickenham, partnered with Nourish Eco Village where they learnt about Xitsonga culture, South African hertiage and the wildlife of the Kruger. The Nourish children learnt about wildlife found in and around Twickenham and different cultures in London. St Mary's also raised £670 for Nourish to take the children into the Kruger and connect with the wildlife there. 

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Semadep School, Kenya, partnered with Wimbledon Park School, London.

This new partnership will see Wimbledon Park School learning lots about the iconic Maasai people and the stunning wildlife found in the area, whilst Semadep School can learn about the history of London, the urban wildlife found there and maybe the story of the Wombles of Wimbledon Common.

Nourish Eco Village, South Africa partnered with VM Kwinana School, South Africa.

St Mary's Primary School in Twickenham have partnered with VM Kwinana School on the Eastern Cape of South Africa where they will learn about Xhosa culture, and fundraise for trips into the beautiful Nyosi Reserve for their new partners.



Partner with wonderful schools in wildlife communities across Africa.

Maseke Primary School, South Africa.

Maseke Primary School was established in 1947 and is located in the Maseke Village in the Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality, close to Kruger National Park.

The school has 829 learners and 21 educators and is lead by Mr TP Malesa. The grade 7 learners are also on the Bushbabies Education and Scouts programme. 

Partner with Maseke School to learn all about Tsonga culture and what it's like to live next to Kruger National Park, whilst supporting the Bushbabies environmental education programme at the school.


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