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From Cape Town to Kilimanjaro: The Epic 6,000km Journey of The Travel Mufasa

By Macdonald


Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! Joseph Makowa, also known as The Travel Mufasa and Connected Planet ambassador, is embarking on the incredible Cape2Kili Walk at the end of March 2023. Joseph will be trekking 6,000km across 5 Southern African countries, starting in Cape Town, South Africa, and finishing off on the rooftop of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro after an impressive 6 months of walking. The Cape2Kili walk is an incredible feat of physical and mental endurance.

But here's the twist: Joseph will be doing this without any support vehicle, carrying nothing but his tent, supplies, and food on his back. He will pass through various terrains, from towns and villages to cities and wilderness, meeting many communities and experiencing incredible wildlife along the way.

You may wonder, why put yourself through such a grueling journey? After Covid-19 shut down his travel company, Joseph embarked on a mission to walk through his home country of Zimbabwe, experiencing its beauty in a way he never had before. In just 35 days, he covered an incredible 1,500km, becoming the first person ever to walk around Zimbabwe.

Along the way, Joseph met many children who had limited exposure to the world outside of their village. These children had no ambitions or dreams and little understanding of the wonders of the natural world that they lived so close to. This inspired Joseph to set up the Cape2Kili challenge to give African children the opportunity to connect with the world and to experience the incredible wildlife that they live so close to, yet have such limited access to outside of the issue of human-wildlife conflict.


To achieve this, the Cape2Kili team is partnering with several organizations that work on the ground to give children the opportunity to enter their local National Park or Wildlife Reserve and connect with the wildlife there. For many, it will be their first time entering their local wildlife spaces and the first time seeing the iconic wildlife that tourists come from around the world to see. Joseph will be joining the children on these trips, bridging the gap between community and conservation across South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Tanzania.

The funds raised from Joseph's epic walk will go towards his own project, The Travel Project, and Connected Planet Foundation's work across Africa, forging long-lasting partnerships with organizations on the ground.

The Cape2Kili walk is more than just a physical challenge; it's a journey of discovery and inspiration. Joseph's passion for Africa and its people is evident in everything he does, and his dedication to this cause is truly inspiring. As he sets off on his incredible journey, we wish him all the best and look forward to following his progress as he makes his way from Cape Town to Kilimanjaro. So join us in following Joseph's journey as he takes on the ultimate challenge to make a difference in the lives of African children and the conservation of their incredible wildlife.

You can support the Cape2Kili project by hitting the button below and donating via the Cape2Kili Just Giving Page.

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