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Let your business make a difference in the world 

Corporate plogs

Does your business want to make a direct, positive and meaningful impact on our planet? We can take you out on a run or walk, whilst picking up all the rubbish we can find. 
This is a great way for your company to give back to the community and to the environment and your colleagues are sure to feel proud of what they have achieved.
Plogs are priced at £300 for a maximum of two hours and are capped at 30 people. All proceeds go back into our projects and will support our environmental work.

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Corporate boot camps

Does your company want a fun, energising yet meaningful team-building day? Look no further than our corporate boot camps. 
As you crawl, run, shout and burpee your way around the park, you will directly be supporting our conservation efforts in South Africa - both in front line conservation and in community conservation, making the sweat and tears all the more worthwhile!
Run by an ex military personal trainer, an hour boot camp is priced at £400, with all proceeds supporting our partnership organisations in South Africa so they can continue to protect key wildlife like rhinos as well as the communities that live alongside them.

Sponsor us

If your business doesn't have the means to get involved in our activities then you can sponsor us. You can choose to either fund our Plogolution programme, Wild Minds programme or the Ubuntu programme, with a donation as big or as small as you like. 
We can provide you with tangible information, pictures and videos to show how your money has been spent, whether that be getting school children plogging here in the UK or funding a school trip for children in South Africa to visit the wonders of Kruger National Park , thus connecting them to their wildlife heritage.

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