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"We will tell the community to stop poaching because the next generation will not be able to
see the animals."

Granny that has attended the Bushgrannies and babies camp at Koru Camp, South Africa

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Throughout the world, protected areas set aside for conservation are visited by largely western tourists, paying lots of money to see the stunning flora and fauna on display. Unfortunately, over the last century many communities have been displaced to make way for these conservation spaces and, as a result, have been excluded from the wildlife inside. Unable to afford the entrance fees, many living on the edge of game reserves and National Parks, have never stepped foot inside, or had the opportunity to connect with the wildlife there. 

By working alongside our trusted partners on the ground, Connected Planet aims to stop that by providing opportunities for the local community to visit the parks, both connecting with and learning about the stunning wildlife there. Building these connections to wildlife from an early age is vital, especially in areas where human-wildlife conflict and/or poaching is high, and is of the upmost importance when it comes to the long-term conservation of some Africa's most endangered animals and the wider ecosystem. 


Children benefitting from the Connected Planet Conservation Club, Maasai Mara, Kenya.


Children who have been on Connected Planet funded trips into local wildlife reserves or National Parks.


People who have attended Connected Planet funded, educational camps at Koru Camp, South Africa.

As a result of Connected Planet funding, many children have been able to visit their local National Park or wildlife reserve, including stunning destinations like Kruger National Park and the Maasai Mara. Many of the children had never seen elephants, lions or rhinos before and were able to experience these through educational game drives, helping to build connections to nature that we hope, will last a lifetime. 

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In addition, in partnership with Koru Camp and The Black Mamba's Bushbabies programme, Connected Planet are funding a series of wilderness camps at Koru Camp, in the heart of the Greater Kruger area, for the bushbabies and their grannies. These intergenerational camps are set up to get blend a mix of wisdom and and enthusiasm and to dispel myths about wildlife that are being passed through the generations. 
Despite living in close proximity to Kruger and it's surrounding private reserves, the vast majority of these grannies have never stepped foot inside. Many on the first camp had never seen an elephant before despite living there for over 70 years!

You can support these camps and our educational game drives by hitting the donate button below. 

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