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Reconnect programme

Rewilding humanity

Our planet is is facing a serious environmental disaster. Human-induced climate change is pushing us towards irreversible tipping points, whilst ecological breakdown has put us in the midst of what is known as "the sixth mass extinction." 

The dire situation we find ourselves in can largely be put down to humans' disconnect with the natural world.

For thousands of years humans have lived harmoniously with the living world, both protecting it and relying on it. But in the last century things have changed. The relentless pursuit for economic growth has led us to take seemingly unlimited resources in what is very much a finite planet. It is clear we see humans as separate from the rest of living world.

Our reconnect programme aims to address that disconnect by providing activities and school trips that will bring people back to nature.

If people feel a part of nature then they will be much better placed to protect it.

Events coming soon