Our partners 

The amazing organisations we are working alongside

We are incredibly privileged to be working alongside some truly amazing organisations. Leaders in the fields of conservation, community conservation, and mental and physical well-being. We believe that the future of our planet relies on a collaborative approach and we are extremely excited to be working on projects with our partners.


Nourish Eco Village

Community conservation in South Africa

Nourish Eco Village is an incredible charity based on the edge of the famous Kruger National Park in South Africa. Their goal is to build resilient communities that are connected to the natural world around them; through integrated, holistic and sustainable projects. In doing so, they are helping to tackle the scourge of wildlife poaching by helping communities to see the benefits of protecting the environment. 

We will be supporting their environmental education programme by partnering their local schools with schools in the UK; as well as fundraising to support their incredible work - thus improving the lives of children both here and in South Africa, and building the next generation of young conservationists.

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Xcelsa Health

A holistic approach to mental and physical wellbeing

Xcelsa Health is a partnership of psychiatrists, psychologists and allied professionals. Together, Nadia and Rupi have extensive experience in the assessment, treatment and care of a range of psychiatric and neurodevelopmental conditions in individuals of all ages and strive to keep patient centred care at the core of what they do.

As well as fundraising for us, we will be teaming up with them to run an extensive environmental education programme which will involve hands-on conservation work for children and young people with autism.

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Nambiti game reserve

A stunning game reserve in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Nambiti is a game reserve situated in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. It is home to a magnificent array of wildlife; some of which are critically endangered. They have a dedicated team of conservationists, including their Anti-Poaching Unit, who put their lives on the line to protect the reserves flora and fauna.

We will be supporting their conservation work; in particular, their Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) with several fundraising events throughout the year. In return, they will be teaching us about what it is like on the frontline of conservation in Africa.