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Who we are

In today's society, the disconnect between people and nature seems to be clearer and bigger than ever. Connected Planet Foundation was set up to address this ever-growing disconnect. If we want people to protect the natural world, then we need people to connect to it. 

Our goal is to build that connection by providing a range of different experiences and opportunities that will not only connect people to the planet, but to each other. Happy people for a happy planet. 

We work with organisations both here and in Africa, as well as with schools all over the globe, to help build that connection to our planet, through our three main programmes. Whether it be litter picking, environmental art or conservation field trips, there is something for everyone to get involved in. 

As well as community conservation events here in the UK, we also sponsor conservation field trips for some of the poorest children on the planet. Giving them the opportunity to experience the wonders of the natural world, as well as giving them a platform to help protect it. 

Our planet needs a generation of young heroes to stand up for it and to help save it. We aim to find and empower those heroes. 


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Phoebe is a paediatric Occupational Therapist who loves helping - whether that be people or animals. She has experience working at both rhino and orangutan orphanages, as well as several community conservation projects, supporting conservation from the ground up.


Dermot was an army reservist for four years and is now a personal trainer. He is a keen conservationist and has experience training and supporting Anti-Poaching Units in South Africa. He is passionate about environmental education and making the planet a better place.

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Suzanne Stables 

Suzanne, having been brought up in New Zealand, has always been in touch with nature and the need to care for our beautiful planet in any way she can.
Discovering Connected Planet has ignited her passion for keeping the environment clean and she's excited to be inspiring others to make a difference now with CPF.